The Team

Abigail Owens

Abigail has now been working with Carolyn for nearly 20 years. Bringing in a fresh flair to the business as the Design Director, Abby has created a buzz in the design world. Her input in to the schemes is vital as her attention to detail is exceptional and respected by clients and professionals.

Abby is often quoted in the media and is a popular contributor for Houzz UK. Her Houzz articles and blog are read by millions and offers advice, imagery, inspiration and tips on Interior Design. Carolyn Parker Interior Design has been awarded with the Best of Houzz 2015 and 2016.

Abby has a vast portfolio range, from home spas, private super-car garages, private music studios, to large-scale offices. Residential properties include new builds and listed properties in England, Villas in Portugal and Private Residences in Dubai.